Hey there, welcome.

I'm just a guy giving my photos a mulligan as collectible digital artwork. Really cool shit, if you ask me. I mean I know you didn't, but if you did that's what I would say. "I make cool shit, man." Would probably add "Or, at least sometimes I do - other times it's just regular shit" too, cause you know, confidence issues and all. I'm also the creator of the MMIO Collection, a modern day found object cabinet of curiosities, which is also mostly full of cool shit (the concept's cool at least, if nothing else it's got that going for it). Check it all out below.

NFT Collections

From classic mulligans to those a bit more abstract, these pieces are organized into a few different collections and offered for sale as NFT’s.

Random pieces of "art"

Bunch of images and content I’ve created that aren’t offered as NFT’s. Almost like it’s own collection... But, you know, not a collection. Still super cool, just not for sale (yet?).

About me

I’m just a random guy in upstate NY that sometimes gets let out of his cage, and then I get to use my camera and computer to make cool shit.

Drop me a line

Got an issue with something I did or said? Reach out. Fill out a form. Send me an email. I’ll probably read it, and then maybe I’ll even respond.